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Scheduled Dates:  09 – 20 Jan '2023 | 03 – 14 Apr '2023 | 03 – 14 Jul '2023 | 02 – 13 Oct '2023  

Duration: 2 Weeks

Venue: Bliss Resort Nyali

Computerized Project Management course is available Online.

Customized dates and one-on-one sessions can be organized.


Computers and project management is a course designed to help the learner in developing competence in project management software following appreciation of project management information system. For this reason, this course is divided into two sections in a preliminary order. The first section focuses on Project Management Information System (PMIS). Project Management Information System is a framework for guiding the progress of a project and helps to increase its chances of success at all levels. It brings accurate and relevant information to management and other stakeholders within the required time frame, and helps to speed up the decision making process and any action necessary to ensure that the project is on track in terms of time, budget, scope, quality and time line objectives. Learning project management information system in this course is designed to be a foundation that will enable a learner to apply any project management software in project management.
The second section of the course focuses on application project management software where MS Project has been chosen as introductory software. After going through PMIS theories, the learner will have a session for learning and applying MS Project.

Course objectives

  • Enable the participant to view and understand project management as a system characterized by information and deliverables input-process –outputs relations.
  • Acquire necessary competence to identify and manage project information at project initiation, planning, tracking and execution and closure stages.
  • Competence in identifying and ensuring effective communication that increases chances of project success.
  • Learn and appreciate the application computer software in project management

Course Outline

Introduction to Project management information systems

  • Concept system and Project management process
  • System analysis and design
  • Project management information system framework- Collecting, Organizing, Storing, Processing and Disseminating

Project information.

  • Types of project management information system
  • System flowcharts
  • Information technology and general functional information systems
  • Characteristics of effective project management information system

Project Information Management 

  • Project Execution Outputs
  • Historical information
  • Information distribution
  • Request for information
  • Work performance information

Project Scope information

  • Requirements
  • Configuration items (deliverables)
  • Configuration management
  • Changes/variations

Project Time management information

  • Schedule
  • Tasks
  • Milestones
  • Microsoft Project interface (with full round-tripping)
  • Timesheets (updating task percentage complete)
  • Gantt charts

Project Quality management information

  • Reviews and inspections
  • Test plans
  • Test scripts
  • Test runs
  • Defects
  • Service calls

Project Resources information management

  • Categories of resources in project
  • Skills data base
  • Lessons learnt

Project Cost information management

  • Costs
  • Revenues
  • Benefits
  • Project profit and loss
  • Project cash flow
  • Flexible chart of accounts
  • Flexible people cost and charge-out rates
  • Budgets
  • Forecasts
  • Actuals
  • Progress payments
  • Earned value analysis (reports, graphs, instructions and interpretation analysis)

Project Communications information management

  • Data collection, processing and analysis
  • Monthly status reporting
  • Weekly progress reporting
  • Document management
  • Document distribution
  • Reviews
  • Meetings
  • Media and publication

Application of Computer Software in Project Management

  • Background to computer and project management
  • Implementation of a computer system in Project Management
  • MS Project application


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  1. Fees Payment - All fees are payable strictly in advance 2 working days before the course starting date.
  2. Cancellation Fee - Cancelletion of any participant 5 working days before the start day of a course will incur a 20% cancellation fee.
    We regret that no cancellations will be accepted within 2 working days of a course, but substitutions may be made.

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